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Greenbelly is currently looking for technical writers to write backpacking guides and review thru-hiking gear.

About the Job

Every week, Greenbelly publishes a new blog post that helps backpackers and thru-hikers be better prepared and more efficient out on the trail.

Most of our articles fall under one of three categories: gear reviews, trail guides and backpacking how to's. 

Your job will consist in testing, photographing and reviewing the best thru-hiking gear on the market. Here are some examples of gear reviews we've published in the past:

For each post, we'll provide you with a detailed outline, including some common gear questions you'll answer based on your own experience and/or research. 

Expect two to three assignments every month.

About You

✅ You are an experienced hiker (thru-hiking experience is a plus)

✅ You've written gear reviews or technical gear guides in the past

✅ You have the ability to test the different gear we'll send you, meaning you live nearby a forest, national park or trail.

✅ Your photo skills are above average

✅ You live in the US

    Why Write For Us?

    🔦 Get Exposure. Our content reaches hundreds of thousands of unique readers every month on our site, newsletter and social channels. In short, you will get a lot of eyeballs.

    💸 Get Paid. This is a paid opportunity. You'll be compensated for every word you write (our average article contains 2,500 words). We pay competitively as well ;) 

    🎁 Free Gear. We test a lot of gear and need testers. You might get some hot new backpacking gear sent your way to test and review.

    😋 Meal Discounts. Yup, we make some awesome backpacking meals. Get epic trail fuel at pro deal rates.

    ✈️ Work from Anywhere. As a freelance writer, you'll be able to work from the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world.

    🎓 Build Your Resume. Your work will be published on a top notch and well known outdoor site.

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