Who We Are - Greenbelly Meals

Who We Are

We are passionate about using whole foods to create the most nutritious and ready-to-eat meal on the planet.

Dreamed up on the Appalachian Trail and proven by food science.

It started with one big adventure…

I quit my accounting job back in 2012 to pursue a two year adventure. 10,000 miles backpacking through Asia doing everything from teaching English in Thailand to volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia. Then a 3,000 mile bicycle tour of New Zealand. And finally, 6 months hiking the 2,185 miles long Appalachian Trail... a dream of mine since I became an Eagle Scout.

Nutrition was a constant struggle. On the road, getting a proper balance of nutrients required extensive preparation and meal planning. Fast food was unhealthy, fresh fruit was perishable, protein bars weren't filling and cooking was messy and time consuming.

Creating the perfect meal became my mission.

… and turned into a new passion.

After working with a food scientist and sampling countless recipes, Greenbelly was born in early 2014. We now have three tasty meals in a convenient, non-cook, meal bar form. Using all natural ingredients, each meal provides a balanced ⅓ of your DV for six core nutrients: Calories, Carbs, Fats, Fiber, Sodium and Protein. Yes!

Whether we are working long days at the office or hiking in the Andes, our meals continue to provide us with the quality and quick nutrition we need. We are proud to provide this convenient and balanced meal to other busy people and adventurers. We hope you join us!

-Chris Cage, Founder