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6 Best Minimalist Sandals: Guide to Barefoot and Running Sandals

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The Barefoot Movement

Barefoot sandals (or minimalist sandals) exploded alongside barefoot running after the bestselling book, Born to Run, was released by Christopher McDougall in 2009.

After observing the ancient and superhuman running culture of the Tarahumara people in Mexico, McDougall concluded that humans evolved running barefoot. He argues that the advancements in running shoes have, ironically, led to more harm than good. The solution to the rise in running related injury is to go barefoot or, in case of sharp objects, use minimalist sandals.

Why Barefoot?

Barefoot enthusiasts believe the heel-toe strike (heel hits the ground and then toe) of a shoe can cause overstriding, while the mid-strike (foot hits the ground flat) of barefoot is balanced and causes lower impact.

Since your feet are forced to engage with the contours and imperfections of the ground, "barefooters" report better alignment, balance, lower leg strength and report less injury.

You mean we've been doing it all wrong?! 

Ehhh... maybe. This barefoot theory is still heavily debated and some people actually report worse injuries when switching from cushioned shoes to a pair of barefoot sandals.

Despite the controversy, one thing is certain - barefoot sandals and minimalist footwear is a growing movement and has a fanatical following. A lot of companies have risen to the occasion of making fantastic sandals for all outdoor activities, not just running.

Personally, I have become somewhat obsessed with the barefoot sandal movement. I use them for hiking, traveling and everyday activities.

They are ultra lightweight and thin which makes them perfect to slide into my pack. They are super comfortable and let my feet breath, but are much more durable and higher functioning than flips flops.

5 Things to Look for in Your Sandals...

1. Zero Drop. The height of the back of the sandal needs to be the same as the front - or have "zero drop". This is in direct contrast to most shoes which might have a 20 mm high heel and a 15 mm high toe box... a total drop of 5 mm. Zero drop is a defining characteristic of a barefoot sandal that enables the mid-strike.

2. Thin Soles. Ideally 12 mm or less. Anything thicker and you will not get that real 'barefoot feel' - it will be more like a shoe. I personally prefer soles in the 5-8 mm range.

3. Flat Footbed. The ground is flat and does not provide your feet with perfectly custom arch support. You want you sandals to mimic that support-less ground so keep your footbeds flat.

4. Lightweight. Ideally 12 oz or less. A pair of Chacos weighs around 2 lbs (32 oz)... which is way too much. Again, a heavy and thick sandal won't resemble being barefoot.

5. Thong Straps. Just a personal preference, but having the strap lace vertically in between your toes can enable your toes to spread out. A horizontal strap can squeeze your toes together and cause Metatarsalgia - a fancy word for knuckle inflamation. I pick thong all day long.

In no particular order, here are the best barefoot and minimalist sandals on the market: 

Luna Sandals

Price: From $70.00  to $105.00 on lunasandals.com

Thickness and Weight: 12 mm sole and 9.2 oz per pair (Mono model).

Luna Sandals launched soon after Born to Run was released. Their founder, Barefoot Ted, was a main character in the book and has been running ultra-marathons in minimalist sandals since 2007.

Despite the thicker soles, these sandals are very light. They come with a non-slip MGT footbed, Vibram soles and a bit more lacing than other sandals for a secure foot hold.

barefoot running and minimalist sandals 

Xero Shoes

Price: From $39.99  to $79.99 on xeroshoes.com

Thickness and Weight: 5.5 mm sole and 8.6 oz per pair (Amuri model).

Xero Shoes have become one of the barefoot sandal leaders, especially after appearing on Shark Tank. They make some impressively flexible sandals that can roll up in to your pocket.

I could not believe how comfortable these are and how much I could actually feel the ground in these. I also love the rope-like lacing and how the lacing does not make contact with the ground. Each pair comes with a 5,000 mile warranty so feel free to crush some miles in them. If the toe thong isn't your thing, checkout their Z-Trail and Z-Trek models.

barefoot running and minimalist sandals

Bedrock Sandals

Price: From $70.00  to $98.00 on bedrocksandals.com

Thickness and Weight: 7 mm sole and 8.4 oz per pair (Earthquake model).

Rough and tough sandals built for the trail. These sandals are like the lightweight and minimalist alternative to Chacos. Bedrock Sandals launched in 2012 with a Kickstarter project and has been making great sandals ever since. Their models range from the minimalist and ultra-thin Earthquake model to the more rugged, and infinitely adjustable, Cairn model. At a 14 mm sole and 15.6 oz per pair, the Cairn's (image below) are definitely thicker and A LOT more durable for tough trail.

barefoot running and minimalist sandals


Price: From $48.00  to $75.00 on unshoesusa.com

Thickness and Weight: 4-6 mm sole and 8.0 oz per pair (Wokova Feather model).

Each pair is made to order. Designed for running, but great for casual wear as well. The lacing is relatively seamless and the wide straps prevent potential hot spots. Unshoes will mold to your feet like a glove. For those of you who don't like things between your toes, there are other models with horizontal straps like the Uinta and Pah Tempe.

barefoot running and minimalist sandals

Shamma Sandals

Price: From $65.00  to $99.00 on shammasandals.com

Thickness and Weight: 5-6 mm sole and 6.5 oz per pair (Warriors model).

Shamma makes some beautifully designed sandals. Their footbed soles come in either a sleek brown leather goat-skin or a water-friendly black grip top. And these puppies are light... the lightest on this list.  Complete with a durable Vibram sole and tread.

barefoot running and minimalist sandals

Earth Runners

Price: From $69.00  to $84.00 on earthrunners.com

Thickness and Weight: 8 mm sole and 10.9 oz per pair (Elemental model).

Quality, minimalist sandals. They have a vegan footbed and a tacky rubber top. Lacing comes with a thin layer of nylon to minimize stretching. Earth Runners also offer several models with a suade or leather top or a 10 mm sole.

barefoot running and minimalist sandals

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