FAQs - Greenbelly Meals


What is a Greenbelly?

A ready-to-eat and nutritionally complete meal.

"Nutritionally complete"... as in these babies provide a perfectly balanced 33% of your daily nutrition for six core nutrients (Calories, Carbs, Protein, Sodium, Fats and Fiber). 

These are elite 650 calorie performance meals. Not to be confused with a 250 calorie "meal bar".

Taste and Texture?

They've been described as "cereal bars on steroids" and "like a healthy Girl Scout cookie" and "not too sweet, not too salty, just right". 

We use only natural and fresh ingredients so you won't get any funky artificial aftertaste.


We have customers from every state chomping down Greenbelly on some crazy adventures. The most common uses though:

  • Endurance Athletes (cyclists, trail runners, climbers) needing elite nutrition.
  • Hikers needing light, compact and calorically dense food.
  • Busy People needing a quick and healthy meal for the office or at home.

Shelf Life?

Tested up to 6 months and always shipped fresh. If you are wanting to keep them for closer to a year, freezing them is always an option.

Weight/ Contents?

Ultralight and compact. One package = one 160 g meal = two 80 g bars. 

Gluten Free?

Yep! We source gluten free oats just to be sure.

Dairy Free?

Mostly. Except for our Dark Chocolate Banana (milk in the chocolate chips), they are dairy free.


Definitely. No meat whatsoever.


Please check our full list of ingredients on the "Ingredients" tab here.

Nutrition Label?

You can see all three nutritional labels on the "Nutrition" tab here.