The 8 Best Double Sleeping Bags

We tested the best double sleeping bags on the market for 2024 and this is how they performed.

Updated on March 4th, 2024
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Courtesy of Sierra Designs

We tested the best double sleeping bags on the market today for warmth, weight, price, and comfort. Read on to see how they performed, which is best for you, and get some valuable buying advice.

Best Double Sleeping Bags

The best double sleeping bags are:

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    1. ENLIGHTENED EQUIPMENT The Accomplice 2-Person Sleeping Quilt 20 $480 2 lbs 4.75 oz 850 Quilt 20°F 9/10
    2. TETON SPORTS Tracker 5˚F Double Mummy Sleeping Bag $152.99 8 lbs 3.2 oz Synthetic (PolarLite Insulation) Sleeping Bag 5°F 9/10
    3. THERM-A-REST Vela Double Camping Quilt 20 $337.46 2 lbs 13 oz 650 Quilt 20°F 8/10
    4. BIG AGNES King Solomon 20 Doublewide Sleeping Bag $449.95 4 lbs 650 Sleeping Bag 20°F 8/10
    5. TETON SPORTS Mammoth 20˚F Double Sleeping Bag $179.99 14 lbs Synthetic (SuperLoft Elite Single Channel Hollow Fiber) Sleeping Bag 20°F 8/10
    6. SIERRA DESIGNS Backcountry Bed 20 Duo Sleeping Bag $379.95 4 lbs 10 oz 650 Sleeping Bag 20°F 8/10
    7. EXPED MegaSleep Duo 25 $199.95 4 lbs 6 oz Synthetic (Oeko-Tex® 100 certified) Sleeping Bag 25°F 8/10
    8. KLYMIT KSB Double Sleeping Bag $399.99 5 lbs 650 Sleeping Bag 30°F 7/10

    Best Overall Double Sleeping Bag

    Enlightened Equipment The Accomplice 2-Person Sleeping Quilt 20

    enlightened equipment the accomplice 2 person sleeping quilt 20

    ✅ Ultralight

    ✅ Warm

    ✅ Comfy

    ✅ Packable


    ❌ Expensive


    • Weight: 2 lbs 4.75 oz
    • Fill Power: 850
    • Type: Quilt
    • Temp. Rating: 20°F

    If you’re backpacking, the Accomplice 20 from Enlightened Equipment is the best double sleeping bag money can buy. Even though it’s the most expensive two-person sleeping bag we tested, we’re still voting it best overall. We love how warm the high-quality 850 fill-down is. It gets toasty in the bag with two people.

    This is the lightest double sleeping bag on our list, weighing just 2 pounds and 5 ounces. The Accomplice 20 may be pricey, but you pay for the quality materials, solid craftsmanship, and all these little extras that make a big difference. One of our testers has had theirs for over 6 years and thousands of miles.

    Best Budget Double Sleeping Bag

    Teton Sports Tracker 5˚F Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

    Price: $152.99

    teton sports tracker 5f double mummy sleeping bag

    ✅ Great budget option for car camping

    ✅ Very warm


    ❌ Not backpackable


    • Weight: 8 lbs 3.2 oz
    • Fill Power: Synthetic (PolarLite Insulation)
    • Type: Sleeping Bag
    • Temp. Rating: 5°F

    With a price tag of $153, the Teton 5˚F Double Sleeping Bag is our pick for the best budget double sleeping bag. We found that the 5˚F is a stretch, but it’s still plenty warm, one of the warmest on our list. We like that the slim mummy cut helps trap heat so you and your partner can stay warm.

    However, it does make it a little smaller and less comfortable than other models we tested. And at over 8 pounds, this is not a backpacking sleeping bag for two. But if you’re car camping, it’s hard to go wrong with this budget-friendly option.

    Best Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag

    Therm-a-Rest Vela Double Camping Quilt 20

    therm-a-rest vela double camping quilt 20

    ✅ Ultralight

    ✅ Packable


    ❌ Less warm


    • Weight: 2 lbs 13 oz
    • Fill Power: 650
    • Type: Quilt
    • Temp. Rating: 20°F

    The Therm-a-Rest Vela Double 20 quilt takes a sleeping bag's best features and bundles them into a quilt. We like the full-length baffles that block all drafts and the insulated foot box. We found it to be a roomy quilt, so you can curl up into the quilt and not worry about playing tug-of-war with the blanket all night.

    We love how small couples sleeping bags packs down. Our biggest complaint is that although it’s rated to 20 it wasn’t as warm as the other 20 bags we tested. Our hunch is that this is due to 1 pound 15 ounces of 650 fill power down, one of the least filled quilts on our list.

    Most Comfortable Backpacking Double Sleeping Bag

    Big Agnes King Solomon 20 Doublewide Sleeping Bag

    Price: $449.95

    big agnes king solomon 20 doublewide sleeping bag

    ✅ Ultra comfortable

    ✅ Packable

    ✅ Lightweight


    ❌ Expensive


    • Weight: 4 lbs
    • Fill Power: 650
    • Type: Sleeping Bag
    • Temp. Rating: 20°F

    The Big Agnes King Solomon 15 is the most comfortable sleeping bag for two people we tested. Comfort literally is king, and King Solomon 20 delivers everywhere it counts. It is filled with features like a no-draft zipper and no-draft collar. There is even a pillow holder for each person and a dual sleeping pad sleeve. It’s large and filled with warm-down insulation.

    We also like that it's compressible down to 5 liters, so it easily fits in your pack. At 4 pounds, it’s also the third lightest sleeping bag for two we tested. The biggest drawback for us is the price. At $450, this is the second most expensive double sleeping bag on our list.

    Best Double Sleeping Bag for Car Camping

    Teton Sports Mammoth 20˚F Double Sleeping Bag

    Price: $179.99

    teton sports mammoth 20f double sleeping bag

    ✅ Great for car camping

    ✅ Deluxe comfort


    ❌ Heavy

    ❌ Not packable


    • Weight: 14 lbs
    • Fill Power: Synthetic (SuperLoft Elite Single Channel Hollow Fiber)
    • Type: Sleeping Bag
    • Temp. Rating: 20°F

    Not all double bags are meant for backpacking. Some, like the Teton Sports Mammoth, are unashamedly heavy. We don’t necessarily find that a bad thing. If you know you’ll be camping next to the car, why not glamp it up? Lined with flannel and filled with synthetic insulation, you'll stay toasty warm even when a storm is raging outside.

    It’s about $30 more than the Teton 5˚F Double Sleeping Bag, but this is our pick for the best car camping double sleeping bag. The extra comfort makes up for the extra cost.

    The Other Noteworthy Models

    SIERRA DESIGNS Backcountry Bed Duo 20

    Price: $449.95

    sierra designs backcountry bed 20 duo sleeping bag

    ✅ Zipperless design like sleeping at home

    ✅ Tons of features


    ❌ Doesn’t excel in any category


    • Weight: 4 lb 10 oz
    • Fill Power: 650
    • Type: Sleeping Bag
    • Temp. Rating: 20°F

    While many quilts try to emulate sleeping bags, we like that the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo 20 is a sleeping bag that looks and feels like a quilt. You can slide into the zipperless Backcountry Bed Duo just like a sleeping bag, but that is where the similarities end.

    It has an integrated blanket on top that is similar to a quilt. You can fold down the top blanket when it is warm or tuck it under you to protect against the cold.

    We like that the Duo has a dual sleeping pad sleeve that holds two regular-sized sleeping pads. And there is temperature control with a vented foot box for ventilation and a cinch hood for warmth. We found the pockets we hadn't for storing small items. It's a feature-filled sleeping bag with everything you need for a good night's sleep.

    EXPED MegaSleep Duo 25

    Price: $199.95

    exped megasleep duo 25

    ✅ Inexpensive

    ✅ Versatile


    ❌ Less warm


    • Weight: 4 lbs 6 oz
    • Fill Power: Synthetic (Oeko-Tex® 100 certified)
    • Type: Sleeping Bag
    • Temp. Rating: 25°F

    We can't talk about the Exped MegaSleep Duo 25 without mentioning its versatility. We love that if you position the bag with the light blue side facing upwards, you'll sleep inside a 40℉ bag. Flip it over so the dark blue side is up, and you'll be comfortable down to 25℉. And we like that it can split into two single bags for use when you are traveling solo.

    We found the synthetic fill was less warm than the down options. But it will stay warm if it gets wet, making this a good two-person sleeping bag for wetter environments. At 4 pounds 6 ounces, it’s not the lightest, but it’s backpackable if you’re splitting gear with another person.

    KLYMIT KSB Double Sleeping Bag

    Price: $399.99

    klymit ksb double sleeping bag

    ✅ Individual temperature control


    ❌ Not as warm

    ❌ Expensive

    ❌ Heavy


    • Weight: 5 lbs
    • Fill Power: 650
    • Type: Sleeping Bag
    • Temp. Rating: 30°F

    With a 30°F temperature rating, the Klymit KSB Double Sleeping Bag is just warm enough to be considered 3 seasons. We found the KSB Double has a boxy shape that'll take up most of the floor space in a two-person tent. Despite its size, it still packs down smaller than two full-size sleeping bags.

    Our favorite feature of this sleeping bag is the individual temperature control. Klymit wisely added individual draft covers so each person could choose how much warmth they needed. And we like the design that lets you remove the top and use the sleeping bag as a comforter in warmer weather.

    Our biggest gripe is that at 5 pounds, this is pushing it for backpacking. It’s also on the expensive side compared to other models we tested.

    Key Factors To Consider When Choosing


    The materials your double sleeping bag is made from are the biggest cost factor. Less expensive double bags use synthetic fill and heavy fabrics. The most expensive sleeping bags will have lightweight down fill with ultralight fabrics.

    The highest value-for-money double sleeping bags:

    The most affordable double sleeping bags:

    The premium double sleeping bags:


    Double sleeping bags range in weight from two to 14 pounds. The most significant difference is in materials. Heavier bags use synthetic insulation or a heavier down (650 versus 800). Heavier double bags tend to be designed for car camping or van life and not backcountry hiking.

    The lightest double sleeping bag quilts:


    Sharing a two-person sleeping bag gives you an automatic warmth bonus: body heat from your partner. On top of that, most sleeping bags for two people come with a temperature rating.

    These ratings are good, but they can vary by how hot or cold you sleep. Also, look at the fill material and fill amount. We’ll cover these in more detail below.

    The warmest double sleeping bags:


    Size is one of the biggest factors in comfort. Especially if you’re sharing your 2-person sleeping bag, you’ll want it to be big enough for both of you.

    Like single sleeping bags, double bags include an array of additional comfort features. You'll see foot vents for temperature regulation and pillow holders to secure your pillow in place. Other luxuries include no draft collars and built-in blankets for warmth.

    The most comfortable double sleeping bag:

    Other Things to Consider


    A 2-person sleeping bag will come in a sleeping bag style or a quilt style. A quilt functions like a blanket allowing you to drape it over yourself and a partner. It opens freely so you can vent off heat, but it can be drafty in the cooler weather. Quilts also are more compact than sleeping bags and easier to use since there are no zippers.

    A sleeping bag wraps around you like a cocoon. It has a hood to keep your head warm and extra insulation in the feet and baffles.

    Overall, a sleeping bag does a better job holding in your heat than a quilt. This increased warmth comes with a tradeoff -- weight. Sleeping bags have more material and cannot compress down as much as quilts. They also are heavier because they have zippers, cinch locks, and other hardware that adds to their overall weight.


    Choose a double sleeping bag that is large enough to accommodate you and your partner. You need room to move inside the bag and space to open the bag so you can vent some heat. If you purchase a double bag that is too small, you will feel cramped and overheated.

    You may run across different sizes for your sleeping bags or quilt. A double is slightly larger than a twin and can fit two people who don't mind sleeping very closely.

    A better option is a queen, which is much larger than a double but not as significant as a king. A queen easily fits two people but isn't so large that you are lugging around extra, unnecessary weight.

    double sleeping bag in tent© Corey Perkins


    Because they are larger, double bags won't compress as much as an ultralight single sleeping bag. Models designed for backpacking will pack down small. Couples sleeping bags designed for car camping won't pack down much at all. They can be bigger than your backpacking pack itself!

    Fill Material

    There are two major types of insulation found in sleeping bags -- down and synthetic. Down is lighter, warmer, and packs smaller than synthetic insulation. It also is more durable and more expensive than synthetic insulation.

    Down has a major drawback: it loses loft and its ability to keep you warm when it gets wet. Most down-filled sleeping bags have been treated with durable water repellent (DWR) to resist moisture, but you still want to prevent it from getting soaking wet.

    A synthetic sleeping bag stays warm when it is wet and dries faster than down, making it an attractive alternative to down in wet climates. Synthetic insulation is heavier, though, and it doesn’t compress as much as down.

    When you compress it, the synthetic fibers break down, reducing the insulating power of the material. Synthetic insulation is popular among consumers because of its affordable price point. Many synthetic bags are half the price of their down counterparts.

    packed double sleeping bag - how bigPacked double sleeping bag (left - Klymit KSB) vs single sleeping bag (right)

    Temperature Rating

    You should look closely at the temperature rating of the sleeping bag. Sometimes you will see a comfortable temperature and a lower limit. The comfort temperature is the lowest temperature you can use and remain entirely comfortable while you sleep. The lower limit temperature is the lowest temp you can use the bag and not freeze.

    When purchasing a couple's sleeping bag, give yourself a buffer of about 20 degrees. If you know the temperature will be around 40 degrees, you may want to get a bag that can handle down to 20 degrees. You also should consider the insulation, or R-value, of your sleeping pad. A sleeping pad with an R-value of 4 or higher will protect you from the cold emanating from the ground.


    Some double bags are versatile and can be used either as a single bag or a double bag. These bags can be unzipped, separated, and turned into two solo bags. We recommend getting a bag that can be both a double and single if you’re likely to split your time hiking solo and with a partner.


    Presumably, you are bringing a double sleeping bag so you can share it with your partner at night. Carrying only one bag between two people may be convenient, but there are some safety concerns. Keep in mind that if you and your partner get separated, you may have a long, cold night if you are not the one carrying the sleeping bag.

    double sleeping bag in peru© Scott Daniels


    Couple Backpacking: Double Sleeping Bag or Two Singles?

    Couples who are hiking together have a choice when deciding on what type of sleeping bag is best for them. A double sleeping bag provides a closeness you can't get when sleeping separately in two single bags.

    Double sleeping bags tend to be heavier than their singleton counterparts, but there are a few lightweight options. If you want to go as light as possible, count ounces, as these lightweight double bags may actually weigh less than two separate single bags.

    Not everyone wants to share a sleeping bag, even if it is oversized. Packing two single sleeping bags may be preferable, especially if one person is a restless sleeper or a blanket thief.

    Two single sleeping bags also tend to be more comfortable than one big bag with two sleeping pads. Two sleeping pads under a double bag create a crevice in the middle that you can slide into when you are sleeping.

    double sleeping bag features
    Some common features of double sleeping bags.

    How to Wash a Double Sleeping Bag?

    Most of the time, all you need to do is spot-clean your sleeping bag with a small amount of soap and a toothbrush or face cloth. When spot cleaning, hold the bag so the outer shell you are cleaning does not come in contact with the insulation.

    If your bag is beyond spot cleaning, then you may have to give it a full washing. Before you toss it into your washing machine, look for the washing instructions. You can find the instructions printed on a tag inside the bag or on the bag itself. Follow these instructions if you can find them, as every sleeping bag has different washing requirements.

    However, if you cannot find the instructions, use a gentle detergent for a synthetic bag or a down-friendly detergent, like Nikwax Down Wash Direct, for a down bag. Wash the sleeping bag in a front-loading washing machine in a gentle cycle. Avoid a top loader, as the sleeping bag can get tangled up in the washing machine's agitator.

    If your washing machine can't handle a large sleeping bag, you can visit your local laundromat and use a commercial-sized washer and dryer. You also can bring it to a professional laundry service but don't have it dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can ruin your bag.

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