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Why Greenbelly Meals?

Full Meal

Designed to fill you up as a complete meal… not a snack.

Big Nutrition

All meals are packed with a minimum of 400 calories and a load of other macros like protein, fat, and fiber.


No cooking. No cleaning. Just easy eating for the trail.

Natural Taste

All natural, wholesome ingredients... and nothing funky. Gluten free and plant based fuel.

Our Story

"After bicycle touring New Zealand for 3 months and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail for 6 months, I started Greenbelly Meals. We are passionate about using whole foods to fuel outdoor adventures as efficiently as possible.” - Chris, Founder

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What Folks Are Saying

"Easy and nutritious"

Karl Meltzer, Ultra Runner

"Wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. Five hours. Seriously. That NEVER happens to me."

Heather Anderson, AT Record

"I eat 'em all the time... delicious. Good shit dude."

Joe Rogan, Podcaster

"Lightweight, no-cook goodies that are preservative free, delicious, and deceptively filling."

Casey Schreiner, Modern Hiker

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