Six Moon Designs Swift X Review

I tested the Six Moon Designs Swift X backpack and this is my verdict.

February 26, 2024
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The Swift X is a simple ultralight backpack that can withstand any element that is thrown at it. Its lightweight design and durable construction are a game changer, comfortably accommodating all my gear without compromising performance.

Product Overview

Six Moon Designs Swift X

Price: $350-$375

six moon designs swift x

✅ Durable

✅ Water-resistant

✅ Comfortable

✅ Weight Distribution


❌ Cost

❌ Small buckles

❌ Weight


  • Weight: 40.2 oz with the vest straps
  • Volume: 50L
  • Load limit: 35 lbs | 15.8 kg
  • Torso sizes: 16"-22" | 38 cm-56 cm
  • Dimensions: 11" x 7" x 22" (WDT) | 28 cm x 18 cm x 56 cm
  • Color: Heather Grey, Black, Coyote Brown, Blue
  • Materials: LiteSkin LS21 or EPX 200, 3D Mesh, and Challenge Sailcloth Ultra Stretch pockets
  • Harness options: Shoulder Harness, S-Curve or Vest Harness

Will I take Swift X on another thru-hike? Yes, I will. I formed a symbiotic relationship with this backpack, not like Castaways Wilson, but because it made one less thing to worry about on the trek. It became an extension of my journey. After 100 days the worn straps and weathered fabric tell tales of a trail conquered. Making the bond between a hiker and backpack a testament to resilience and a shared experience in the wilderness.

The Swift X backpack by Six Moon Designs proved to be the unsung hero of my thru-hike, how could it not be, it lasted the entire hike without flaw. I tested this gear along the Continental Divide Trail.

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Performance Test Results

six moon designs swift x performance score graph

How We Tested:

The Swift X is not the lightest pack but it was the most durable pack versus everyone else’s packs I saw along the trail. People around me were sewing their packs while I never had to repair any part of mine. How the pack arrived at the Mexico border is how it ended at the Canada border, just a little dirtier, and with more love. I was surprised on the trail only to see one other thru-hiker carrying this pack, yes, we became friends and gear bonded.

Weight: 7/10

The Swift X weighed 40.2 oz, 2.51 pounds, I chose to go with the vest straps. When I didn't have a heavy carry, it felt like a running pack. When I did have heavy carries, it distributed the weight evenly. It's not among the lightest of ultralight packs, but I'm glad it compromised to make it more comfortable to carry.

hiker beside six moon designs swift x backpack

Weighing at 40.2 oz, it's not the lightest ultralight pack but distributes heavy weight evenly.

Price: 7/10

The Swift Coyote Brown is $350 topping out just below the Hyperlites. A good quality backpack will cost around this amount. I think this price is fair for the durable materials and the high-quality build on the backpack and straps. I will pay for more durability on a thru-hike rather than cutting a few ounces.

six moon designs swift x roll top
Swift X backpacks cost between $350 to $375.

Packability: 8/10

This pack could hold very little, or It could pack a heavy load. It has draw springs on the sides for when you need to tighten it up for a smaller load. The roll top feature allowed for fitting more food for heavy carries. Along with long water carries it never felt like I needed more room or just one more strap. There is also an ice pick loop that allows for a quick draw of your ice axe.

At one point it also carried a 25-pound moose antler pushing well over the max capacity of 35 pounds. After a few miles, I thought, this antler has to be stretching the straps or the mesh, I held it until I realized I had another 60 miles to a town where I could ship the antler home, so I decided to take it off and leave it for someone else.

a hiker holding swift x by a lake

This pack stands out for me among other options with its sleek design with a large mesh pocket.

Durability: 9/10

The Swift X has seen it all. From falling on a cactus to bushwhacking through the many downfalls along the CDT. It has rubbed against thorns, sharp boulders, and tree branches. It never tore. All the stitching stayed together. This pack with a good wash could become new again. (I will keep it dirty though, for the character).

six moon designs swift x on a rocky surface

My Swift X has experienced everything but it didn't ever break.

Weather Resistance: 8.5/10

I hiked for a little over 100 days. There was snow, sleet, and did I say RAIN. Although I have to admit during some bad storms, I was worried that my sleeping bag would get wet, it never did. This pack keeps the water trickling off of it. It dries extremely quickly as well, 13 minutes with the sun fully out to be exact.

The roll top was perfect, and for extra protection, you can fold it over the mesh for extra rain protection. I forded the Gila River in the Gila National Forest. The water was very high leaving half my pack submerged through each ford. After 40 fords of the river, I unpacked my pack and all my belongings were dry. I was astonished by this, all the seams never let in any water.

hiker with swift x and trekking poles

Over 100 days of hiking, the pack kept my things dry even from crossing the Gila River.

Accessibility: 8/10

The ultra-stretch mesh is made for easy access to water bottles on the go. Not needing to stop to take off your bag to get water or snacks is always a plus for me. The hip belts had enough room for many snacks, 6 snicker bars in one pocket!

The vest harness chest pockets held my iPhone perfectly along with the occasional snack. In grizzly bear country, I had bear spray, in the chest pocket, making it the most efficient way to carry. The layout with one big pocket allowed easy organization of stuffing gear into it.

swift x backpack and my poles in a field

My pack carried a 25-lb moose antler pushing above the 35-lbs maximum weight limit.

Design: 9/10

The design of this pack is what drew me in. The roll-top design with a big mesh pocket on the back. The colorway was simple yet the perfect color combinations. The bright reflecting p-cord shined during the night. This pack is sleek and wasn't as boring as some of the other packs out there. So, its looks are what drew me in, and it proved to be so much more.

a hiker sitting beside six moon designs swift x

Other Features: 9/10

There is one small zipper pocket on the inside of the pack, I kept a mini first aid kit and my wallet in there. This is a very simple pack, with not many other features besides what's listed above, which to the minimalist or a thru-hiker, I always feel this is a good thing. I highly recommend this pack for more advanced backpackers who know exactly what to carry in a pack.

It is my favorite pack and will continue using this pack. After using an Osprey for other thru-hikes, I was looking for a pack that can carry a heavy load and also be comfortable. I took a leap and decided to switch to this one, it's lighter by far but it carried just as comfortably to an Osprey.

hiker with six moon designs swift x backpack
Swift X has become my favorite pack and I will continue using it.

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