Nemo Hornet OSMO 2P Review

I tested the NEMO Hornet OSMO tent and this is my verdict.

March 28, 2024
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The Nemo Hornet OSMO is an affordable, ultralight 2-person backpacking tent that offers durability and comfort without sacrificing weight. It features a rainfly made of Nemo's OSMO material. If you’re just starting your backpacking journey and don’t want to spend $600+ on an ultralight backpacking tent, this thing is perfect and should be able to last for thousands of miles.

Product Overview

Nemo Hornet OSMO


✅ Ultralight

✅ Minimalist and easy setup (1 pole)

✅ Water repellency

✅ Affordable

✅ Two entrances / two vestibules

✅ Super tear-resistant materials


❌ Tight for 2 people

❌ Cannot fit 2 25-inch pads

❌ Rainfly can be finicky

❌ Groundsheet/footprint not included

  • Packed weight: 2 lb, 8 oz / 1.14 kg
  • Packed size: 12.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 in / 32 x 19 x 8.5 cm
  • Floor dimensions: 85 inches (vertical length) x 51/43 inches (horizontal length, head and foot)
  • Height: 39 inches / 98 cm
  • Floor area: 24.2 sq ft / 2.2 sq m
  • Number of doors: 2
  • Seam-Taped: Yes
  • Canopy Fabric: 15D Nylon Ripstop/ No-see-um mesh
  • Rainfly material: OSMO™ Ripstop (1200 mm)
  • Color: Birch Bud/Goodnight Gray

The Nemo Hornet OSMO 2-person tent is an ultralight shelter made for anyone going out in the backcountry with or without experience. The tent is a double-wall semi-freestanding structure with a rainfly made of Nemo’s OSMO material – a blended weave of low-denier nylon and polyester yarns.

If you’re just starting your backpacking journey and don’t want to spend $600+ on an ultralight backpacking tent, this thing is perfect and should be able to last for thousands of miles. Seriously, this thing is perfect for beginners and even those who have tons of thru-hiking experience.

The company has gone above and beyond providing a budget-friendly option for those wanting to dive into the space of carrying less weight on trail and still having a comfortable, minimalistic home. With an ever-increasing abundance of ultralight tents, the NEMO Hornet OSMO 2p setup is one to put on your radar.

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Performance Test Results

How We Tested:

This tent has been tested twice – once during a 4-day, 44-mile loop hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; and on a 3-day backpacking trip thru-hiking the Fiery Gizzard Trail in Tennessee.

Ease of Use

The main reason I purchased this thing in the first place was because I was kind of scared of setting up a tent, not having much experience at all. To set it up, it takes one pole, which is included in the bag. It is a Y-shaped, color-coded, three-prong hub connected via a shock chord, making it one of the easiest setups on the market.

nemo hornet osmo tent outdoor

This semi-freestanding tent includes 8 stakes, but you only need 6 stakes to set up (4 if you’re not using the rainfly). It also has a splint in case of a repair emergency with the pole. Thank goodness I haven’t had to rip this thing out yet. The pole is quite flexible so even during windy times, it bends and holds up well.


The rainfly is made of NEMO’s OSMO™ composite materials and is a high performer when it comes to water repellency. I’ve had no trouble with leaking, stretching, or being able to dry off condensation super quickly. It is a little finicky to get it taut though.

setting up nemo hornet osmo tent

OSMO™ poly-nylon ripstop fabric has 4x better water repellency and 3x less stretch when wet.


Perhaps the best part is that this tent is inexpensive compared to most ultralight tents on the market, coming in at around $430. Sometimes it’s on sale for less than that. You really cannot beat the price. As more of an avid hiker but a backpacking beginner, I loved the idea of not having to spend twice that on a cottage brand ultralight – and ultra expensive – tent.

nemo hornet osmo tent close-up feataure

The Hornet OSMO 2P tent retails at $429.95.


When it comes to actually fitting two humans inside this tent, that’s the biggest downside. It’s a tight fit. You cannot squeeze in two 25-inch pads for instance because the foot box narrows and becomes overcrowded once there are two pads. However, you can fit a 25-inch and 20-inch pad or two 20-inch pads in the tent and be snug.

It’s still tight but doable. Don’t plan on having a ton of space in this structure, especially if you put your pack or anything else on the floor. I am 5’10” and I would say if you’re anything over 6’1”, this is not going to be the tent for you. You’re going to be crammed in like a sardine even on a solo adventure if you’re that tall.

laying inside nemo hornet osmo tent

 The tent's primary drawback is its insufficient size to accommodate two people.


There are 2 pockets inside the tent, both above in the overhead space. You cannot put much in these other than maybe a headlamp, book, map, or lightweight piece of clothing. They are made of very light mesh so anything heavy would sag down and eliminate headroom.

One upgrade would be if at least one of these pockets were on the side instead. Getting in and out of this structure is effortless with no pole in your way. Plus, with two wide, hook-style vestibules made of no-see-um mesh, you have two exits which is convenient whether you have two people in the tent or not.

nemo hornet osmo tent inside detail

So, when you wake up to pee or unload from the backdoor, you have options. Just sayin’… And if you’re with someone, you won’t have to worry about climbing over them and potentially giving them a knock with your knee throwing them into concussion protocol. There is also a wad of guyline if you want a more taut pitch, making it easier to get in and out of when the rainfly is on.

setting up nemo hornet osmo tent

Setting up the the Hornet OSMO ultralight tent.


The NEMO Hornet also has plenty of ventilation empowered by the mesh walls and ceiling panels. I loved the breathability inside. If you don’t need the rainfly, this makes it a top-tier star-gazing home at night. And I’ve had no issues with bugs getting in. Even with the amazing breathability, the nylon bathtub floor extends well up the sides of the inner tent, keeping any wind draft from getting in.

nemo hornet osmo tent mesh


The packability of this tent is about as good as it gets. It comes with its lightweight cube sack that has a roll-down top. The pole and stakes have separate small bags that you can put in the cube sack too. Its innovative design does not affect storage.

nemo hornet osmo packing cube

Included with your tent

  • Nightlight Pocket™
  • Pole Repair Splint
  • Guy-Out Cord
  • Repair Patches
  • Stakes
nemo hornet osmo tent setup

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