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Hiker Jam #3: Sawyer Products on Revolutionizing Water Filtration

December 4, 2020

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I talk with Travis Avery of Sawyer Products. Sawyer makes a line of extremely popular items ranging from insect repellents to water filters.

We dive deep into how their product, the Sawyer Squeeze, revolutionized the way we consume water in the backcountry. We also talk about how the company started in 1984 with a surprisingly unique product, insect repellents, water filtration, and more.

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    Show Notes:

    • Early days and first product (1:48)
    • Why the name Sawyer?  (2:41)
    • How Snakebite kits started (4:34)
    • Travis's role and evolution within the company (5:13)
    • Timeline of product releases (9:28)
    • Entering the water filtration game (11:13)
    • How does the Squeeze filter work? (19:42)
    • Water filter regulations (27:30)
    • How they test water filters (28:03)
    • Relationships with other stores and brands (29:03)
    • Partnering with Smart Water (37:22)
    • Non-profit partnerships and charity work (38:47)
    • How Permethrin works and why it's a game changer (44:34)
    • What Sawyer is currently working on (49:28)

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