Arc'teryx Cerium Hoody Review

I tested the Arc'teryx Cerium Hoody down jacket and this is my verdict.

May 03, 2024
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The Arc'teryx Cerium Hoody (previously the Cerium LT Hoody) is a versatile down jacket that can be used as a layering piece or a standalone layer. It is filled with ethically sourced 850 fill down. In places that are prone to more moisture, it is filled with Coreloft synthetic. It’s been a popular puffy for thru-hikes, snow sports, and everyday use.

Product Overview

Arc'teryx Cerium Hoody

arcteryx cerium hoody

✅ Great fill-to-weight ratio

✅ Down hood for warmth

✅ Versatile

✅ Slim fit

✅ Lightweight


❌ Leaky seams after a thru-hike

❌ Slightly bulky

❌ Price


  • Weight: 338g / 11.9 oz (Men's), 290g / 10.2 oz (Women’s)
  • Fill Power: 850 fill European white goose down
  • Shell Material: Recycled 15D Arato™ outer
  • Lining Material: Downproof 20D plant-based Arato™ liner
  • Pocket Configuration: Two hand pockets, Zippered internal security pocket

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Performance Test Results

How We Tested:

I bought a used version of this jacket for my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. It kept me warm throughout cold damp nights in the Hundred Mile Wilderness. I kept it in a stuff sack while I hiked so it wouldn’t become wet and I could save it as a crucial warmth layer for sleep.

I used it most often when I was setting up camp for the night, and on some colder nights, I would sleep in it. I run very cold and this jacket kept me warm in thirty-degree conditions. I used it throughout the start of the trail until after the Smokies in the dead of summer and had it shipped back to me in New Hampshire when fall began to set in.


This jacket was the first layer I reached for when I couldn’t get warm. After a day of backpacking in forty-degree rain, I would be sitting inside an AT shelter shivering, my pruney fingers turning white. All my clothes were soaked. Multiple times I was concerned about becoming hypothermic. As quickly as I could, I’d switch my clothes to my Smartwool base layers with my Arc'teryx Cerium Hoody on top of them. I’d start warming up almost immediately.

arcteryx cerium hoody jacket hood
The hood attachment provided warmth and comfort keeping me bundled up through the night.

As an always-cold person, I loved it. The hood attachment allowed me to remain bundled up through the night and stay cozy. I’d zip it all the way up to my chin so only my face would show, and if I was extra cold, then I’d pull my buff up as a face covering. There was enough room inside the hood to comfortably wear a beanie. For even more insulation, the Cerium Hoody can be worn underneath a rain jacket to protect against the wind. I layered mine with the Outdoor Research Helium Jacket.


The 850-fill European white goose down felt incredibly stuffed compared to similar products like REI’s Magma 850 Down Hoodie and the Patagonia Down Sweater. It was what drew me to this particular puffy, as I trusted it to keep me warmer than the other two — at an awesome weight-to-warmth ratio. Its awesome insulation works perfectly for cowboy camping or catching early morning above-the-treeline sunrises.

arcteryx cerium hoody pocket


This jacket is one of my most versatile cold weather layering pieces that I own. It kept me warm throughout the ski season as I worked as a ski lift operator in below zero temperatures, standing outside or skiing for most of the day. It fits perfectly underneath my outer shell and over two merino wool base layers, a fleece, and a uniform cotton sweatshirt. It was also my go-to layer to just wear around as a jacket in the city or on a day hike.


All of the pockets on the Cerium Hoody zipper shut — making it ideal to store a water filter or battery bank inside them while you sleep. This helps on cold nights when water filters like the Sawyer Squeeze could be damaged by low temperatures. It also helps preserve the life of your battery bank by keeping it warm with body heat.

arcteryx cerium hoody inside pocket
The inside chest pocket is just big enough to fit a phone.

The Cerium Hoody also has a chest pocket on the interior of the jacket which is just large enough for a phone. This helped me to have easy access to my phone in order to set alarms for the next morning or impromptu middle-of-the-night FarOut planning. The Cerium Hoody comes with a stuff sack tucked into the chest pocket. With the high down fill level, it packs down to relatively the size of a Nalgene Water Bottle. It can be relatively bulky inside of a pack but for the end of the day, I feel as though it’s worth it.


The main downside to the hoodie for me was the price. As a thrifty thru-hiker, I tend to shy away from high price tags. Arc'teryx is known to be on the more expensive side and this puffy was no different. However, as it usually goes for $400, the women’s puffy has been on sale for $240 which is slightly more reasonable for a puffy in my opinion. Additionally, Arc'teryx has a whole used gear section that these puffy occasionally pop up on if you keep an eye out.

arcteryx cerium hoody zipper
The Cerium Hoody’s biggest drawback was its cost which usually goes for $400.


When buying used gear, sometimes it does not hold up as well the second time around. I was disappointed with the first Cerium Hoody I got as I purchased it used and three quarters of the way through my thru-hike — it was leaking down through the seams. I taped it up with tie-dye duct tape and that solved the issue, though it did look pretty funky, and I could no longer wash it like a regular puffy.

arcteryx cerium hoody packed

I chose to invest in another Cerium Hoody — this time new for my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Even if this one does not hold up, Arc'teryx has a warranty for the practical lifespan of the product, so it should cover a thru-hike. As long as the Cerium Hoody is treated with care, it should reward you with a future of warmth. I’m excited to take it on my upcoming PCT thru-hike. You can find me bundled up in it, cold soaking my ramen and enjoying the company of new trail friends while staying cozy underneath the stars.

a hiker packing arcteryx cerium hoody
Taking my Cerium Hoody on my next PCT thru-hike.

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