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The 6 Best Meal Replacement Bars - A Complete Guide

Meal replacement bars are a full step above nutrition and energy bar and should be held to a higher standard. Meal bars are designed to function as a meal rather than just a snack to fill in the cracks. They can be great high-calorie performance fuel, lightweight trail food or an easy meal when you’re tight on time. Things to consider...

✅ Weighs at least 3 oz.

✅ Nutrition provides at least 300 Calories.

✅ Minimally Processed Ingredient Label.

Your meal replacement bars need to be filling, healthy and taste good. Everyone has different nutritional needs. But, to stay on par with anything close to a full meal replacement, it should provide at least 3 oz of food as well as at least 300 calories. Preferably more... especially for active lifestyles. So let's forget about 150 calorie bars because they just ain’t gonna cut it.

Dry, moist, sweet, salty - taste preference is up to you. Many prioritize Gluten-Free, Organic, Nut-Free, Soy-Free and Non-GMO labels as well. Personally, I keep my food as natural and minimally processed as possible. Listed below are, in no order, in my opinion, the best meal replacement bars on the market today.

Kate’s Real Food - Grizzly Bar

kate's real food grizzly meal replacement bars

✅ Weight: 3 oz

✅ Calories: 360 

✅ Minimally Processed

A good meal bar by definition. It provides a decent amount of food and nutrition using healthy ingredients. Fairly calorically dense as well. Definitely on the sweet side.

Website: Kate's Real Food

Clif Bar - Chocolate Chip

clif meal replacement bars

❌ Weight: 2.4 oz

❌ Calories: 250 

✅ Minimally Processed

A health food titan. Clif Bar has a ton of flavor options, is sold everywhere and is relatively inexpensive. Really don’t cut it as a meal for me though. Some complain about their mealy texture and bland flavor.

Website: Clif Bar

Greenbelly Meal - Dark Chocolate

greenbelly meal replacement bars

✅ Weight: 5.5 oz

✅ Calories: 645 

✅ Minimally Processed

A true meal. Has a well balanced nutritional profile providing 33% of your daily value for 6 core nutrients. Two bars per zip-sealed pack make it the perfect ready-to-eat backpacking meal.

Website: Greenbelly



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MET-Rx - Super Cookie Crunch

met-rx meal replacement bars

✅ Weight: 3.5 oz

✅ Calories: 410 

❌ Minimally Processed

With a whopping 32 grams of protein, these are marketed as weight lifting meals bars for bulking up. You may need a scientist to pronounce some of the ingredients though.

Website: MET-Rx

GoMacro - Protein Pleasure

gomacro protein pleasure meal replacement bars

❌ Weight: 2.4 oz

❌ Calories: 290 

✅ Minimally Processed

This one checks all of the ingredient and dietary boxes - organic, clean protein source (brown rice and pea), Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Vegan. They have a mealy texture.

Website: GoMacro

ProBar- Original Blend

probar original blend meal replacement bars

✅ Weight: 3 oz

✅ Calories: 360 

✅ Minimally Processed

Probars are usually pretty moist and on the sweeter side. They also have whole chunks of fruits and nuts. Decent amount of nutrition and food.

Website: ProBar

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