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"Along with keeping the pests away, Buff Headwear blocks 95 percent of UV rays, uses active odor control technology to stay fresh, and wicks away the sweat you work up during a hike."

Why it's awesome: Simple, effective and infinitely adaptable. At its core is a moisture-managing microfiber fabric that is wind resistant and able to control odor. Original BUFF® headwear can be worn more than 12 different ways, from a cap to a balaclava to a hair tie, for a personalized style and perfect fit.

2. Injinji Outdoor Socks

"these socks isolate each toe to eliminate nearly all friction
and prevent blisters on even the longest of runs."

What you get: Injinji Socks - Outdoor Original Weight Crew Encanto 
Why it's awesome: The Outdoor series is made from NüWool™ Merino wool fiber for the ultimate in foot comfort and performance. Outdoor is designed to provide the desired level of cushioning, stability, support, and comfort for all outdoor activities while preventing blisters and maximizing wool’s inherent natural properties making it ideal for all weather conditions.

3. Greenbelly Backpacking Meal

"a whopping 645 calories with a balanced mix
of carbs, protein, sodium, fats and fiber"

What you get: Greenbelly Meal 
Why it's awesome: Ultralight and ready-to-eat backpacking meal with big nutrition. Leave the stove, fuel and dishes at home. Each pouch contains 2 fluffy meal bars together providing 33% of your daily nutrition and over 3 x the food of an energy bar. All natural taste and only fresh, wholesome ingredients.

4. Nuun Hydration Tube

"I’ve been ride-or-die for Nuun for a while now—as a super-sweaty marathon runner and cyclist, I like that the mild flavor of the tabs tops off sodium stores without triggering that nausea feeling"

What you get: Tube of Nuun Active (10 tablets) 
Why it's awesome: Nuun Active elevates your hydration. Drop a tablet in your water and watch it fizz into electrolyte fuel. Light flavor, clean ingredients, and portable - it's the perfect sports drink. Sodium to maintain fluid balance, potassium to prevent muscle cramps, magnesium to relax muscles and calcium for optimal muscle function.

All this gear to your door!

$39 $52

Save $13 & Free Shipping


Buff Original Headband ($20 value)

Injinji Socks ($18 value)

Greenbelly Meal ($7 value)

Nuun Hydration Tube ($7 value)


Deal Ends Monday, September 26th. Estimate 3 weeks for shipping.

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