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About Us

I'm Chris Cage, the founder of Greenbelly. It all started back in 2012 when I decided to quit my job as an accountant to pursue the life I wanted to live. I spent the next 2 years teaching English in Thailand, volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia, backpacking through Asia, touring New Zealand by bicycle and eventually hiking the entire 2,185 mile Appalachian Trail... a dream of mine since I was an Eagle Scout. 


As you can imagine, I was always on the move and burning A LOT of calories. Whether I was hiking 20 miles a day on the AT, cycling 70 miles a day in New Zealand or hitchhiking aimlessly, getting the calories and nutrients I needed became a constant struggle. Fast food was unhealthy, fresh fruit was perishable and protein bars weren't filling. I thought about making an entire nutritionally balanced meal for endurance athletes and individuals on the go. Not just a "bar" to fill in the hungry cracks of the day, rather an entire meal that would supply about 1/3 of an individual's daily nutritional needs. It would be healthy, with all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives. 

Greenbelly was born. After traveling for those 2 years, I moved back in with the parents and began working with a food scientist early in 2014. We spent the next 6 months crafting the three tasty flavors we have for you today. We are proud to be an adventure food company fueling people to do what they really love. Whether you're on the trail, at the gym, on the road or in the library, Greenbelly's Meal is ready to keep you healthy and full whenever and wherever.


Check out my Trailjournal from the AT here.

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By Chris Cage
Chris launched Greenbelly Meals in 2014 after thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail for 6 months. Since then, Greenbelly has been written up by everyone from Backpacker Magazine and Bicycling Magazine to Fast Company and Science Alert. He recently wrote How to Hike the Appalachian Trail and currently works from his laptop all over the globe.

The Best Backpacking Meal.

650-calorie fuel in a ready-to-eat package.

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